Farmer’s Market Glam with Punam Patel

Farmer’s Market Glam with Punam Patel

Punam: Where should we shoot? Me: Let’s do Farmer’s Market! Punam: What should I wear? Me: Surprise me. I didn’t expect Punam would go glam at the farmer’s market. She totally stood out from the crowd. A very fun and memorable shoot!  

BlogCrush: Lindsey Louie & Cynthia Riddell

My two new favorite people in the world: Lindsey Louie from Complacency Kills and Cynthia Riddell from C.Youngblood. We did an impromptu shoot right before the Black V Fashion Show on Spear & Market Street. These girls were a fun bunch to hang around and 

BlogCrush: Liz Cherkasova of Late Afternoon

Guess who was the first fashion blogger I’ve ever shot! Oh wait… the title gave it away. I shot with Liz Cherkasova of Late Afternoon back in January 9, 2011. I was fortunate to do a shoot with this model / stylist / fashion blogger 

BlogCrush: Punam Patel of Nothing Broken

I met Punam Patel of Nothing Broken several months ago at an SF Fashion Tech meetup in San Francisco, but we lost touch for a little bit and then decided to jumpstart ourselves to become a blogger-photographer dynamic duo. I love Punam’s styling and the 

BlogCrush: Joyce Lee

Besides Brazilian supermodels, I have this crazy innate desire to shoot really really ridiculously stylish bloggers like Joyce Lee. Therefore I’ve decided to create a new series called “BlogCrush!” in which I’ll be shooting different bloggers who are really really ridiculously stylish and then just 

BlogCrush: Diana Su of LuvSugarCookies

Diana Su has always been a special figure in my photography career. We worked together at UCSF as pharmacy technicians, and she pretty much became my first model when I started falling in love with photography. As I went on to pursue more fashion photography