A Very Brief Interview with Lisalla Montenegro

New York Fashion Week. All eyes were on her. The photographers all turned their cameras at the female presence commanding the catwalk. Camera shots fired, flashes everywhere – it was a photography frenzy. But the fashion show hasn’t started. The lights were still dimmed. Guests 

A Very Brief Interview with Anastasia Hisel

One day this model walks into the New York loft I was staying for the week. She tells me her story – her modeling agency asked her to change her hair color and cut it short because she looks just like another model. Therefore she 

A Very Brief Interview with Britt+Whit

I present to you the dynamic duo of fashion & style bloggers – Britt and Whit. I first met them at a Mira Mira SF fashion show (special thanks to Jennie Lodge for inviting me to that one!) and I’ve been one of their biggest 

A Very Brief Interview with Ivy Teves

Born from the same tropical islands as me (and also of Filipino/Spanish/Chinese descent), Ivy Teves is one of the most beautiful natural beauties that you should be watching out for. When she’s not busy shooting with some of the best photographers all over the world, 

A Very Brief Interview with Paula Newlands

Paula Newlands is my ultimate muse. She is all over my photography portfolio and always fun to shoot with. I am quite fortunate to have her as a muse. She has graced the runways of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York, signed with three