Cabo with Modeliste Magazine

Cabo with Modeliste Magazine

I was so excited when Modeliste Magazine asked me to join them on their latest destination trip a few months ago. I was excited to go back to Los Cabos in Mexico! But most importantly, I was very excited to get to know the amazing people in our group and spend some quality time with them. Best of all, creating some wonderful memories and content all around (Nadia, Olivia, Mafer)!

Hard Rock Hotel really took good care of us. We had the best rooms ever, I didn’t want to leave. It was bigger than my apartment. I also wished I had some time to do more photoshoots inside the room too. I had an amazing view of the resort and sunset as well!

Best of all – the food and drinks were beyond amazing! I ate so much during this trip. It was all inclusive so everything was covered. This place is way better than a cruise, you get everything without all the cruise drama. Anyways back to the food and drinks. I drank so much mango margaritas and ate so much guac and chips, amongst other things. They also made us try new cuisines and drinks, which we all enjoyed. I was very sad to leave this lifestyle, and I have a feeling I’ll be back there again. Be sure to check out Hard Rock Hotel in Los Cabos for your next getaway, it’s so worth going and you will have the best experience ever!

Besides eating and drinking, we also did a lot of photoshoots! I spent most of the time with Nadia Mejia and Olivia Jordan, they were so wonderful and fun to be around! Never a dull moment with these two. Hard Rock Hotel had some really good spots for photoshoots, I love these swing beds that they have! There were also several pools we could choose from as well.

We also got to explore Todos Santos and take pictures around this charming town.

I also manage to sneak in an order of guacamole and chips on the way back to the hotel. Sorry, can’t help it.

Perhaps the most memorable part of the trip was when we got on board the Cabo Adventures cruise and had some fun all around the bay. We took lots of photos on and off the boat, and ate some good food and drinks! I tried to paddle board for the first time, I was too chicken to stand.

I have to really thank Amy and Kaila from Modeliste Magazine for inviting me on this trip. I had a truly memorable adventure of a lifetime! This was right before the beginning of Quarantine / Covid-19 Lockdown, I was glad everyone got back to their homes safely. Be sure to check out the Modeliste Magazine website for more of our trip!

Such a fun crew. Had a blast with Nadia, Olivia, Mafer, Jade, Amy and Kaila on this trip!