Wandering around Tulum Beach

I’ve always wanted to go to Tulum, Mexico for the longest time, and when Emma Rose invited me to join her and Maja Malnar for a new adventure, I gladly hopped on board. We made it our mission to mix fun, food, and photoshoots on our four days there. We had one really good day of sun during our first day, and had to work our way around the weather the rest of the days (it rained for the most part).

We stayed at a really cute and jungle-vibe hotel called Orchid House Hotel. The entire staff was really nice to us and the food was excellent. It was a very photogenic spot (perfect for bloggers). On our first night, we sat at the roof deck just staring at the stars and the full moon while talking about our dreams and life. There’s something about Tulum that makes you think beyond the usual norms in our daily lives. It was definitely nice to go offline for a bit. The next day, we embarked on a journey to Tulum Beach with the bikes that the hotel provided. It was so fun riding our bikes around, especially since we had the freedom to go everywhere without having to wait for a cab or Uber.

Biking around Tulum!
Anyone craving a beer?
In love with the coco.
No car, no problem!

What I love about Tulum is that you will find really cute storefronts and signs where you can stop and take pictures. I ordered a coconut drink just for this photo with Emma.

Azulik with Maja
Insert yourself here
That beach life
Beautiful view of Tulum Beach
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Waiting for room service @majamalnar #tulum

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Tulum Beach with Emma Rose
Azulik Tree Tops

We had the amazing opportunity to shoot at the world-renown villa, Azulik! This place is like no other I’ve ever been to! The beach-front villas are incredible, with breathtaking views. This was a photographer’s dream. Every shot I took of Maja and Emma Rose was out of this world. This is by far the best and most unique resort I’ve ever been to! Would love to visit here again someday!

Bikini Shoot

The rest of the trip, we explored the rest of Tulum and took photos when it didn’t rain. We had guac and chips everyday (me, especially). The local food was incredible, even at our hotel! That is one thing I miss about Tulum, and I know there is still much to discover for my next trip there.


Thanks for stopping by! Until my next adventure!

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