I have no been back to the Philippines since I left when I was a child. 26 years later, I had the wonderful opportunity to go back to my Motherland thanks to Qatar Airways and Jessica. I know it’s not my hometown Cebu or my parents’ hometown, but it was good to be back. The best part about being in Davao was that I actually speak the local dialect (Visayan), so I felt right at home there. I met some amazing people from different parts of the world as well that were in the influencer/media group, and I felt like part-tour guide since I could tell them some of the local food and delicacies.

We had full VIP treatment with Qatar Airways throughout the entire trip. I will never forget the hospitality and service they’ve shown us to and from Davao. Business Class is beyond superb, I don’t think I’ve ever been pampered and spoiled in my entire life until getting on the flight. Making new friends on the trip made the flight even more enjoyable! I ordered everything I wanted and the staff just kept asking me if I wanted more and I had to restrain myself. The food was top-notch and the reclining seats (lays completely flat like a bed) was exceptional.

My favorite part of the trip was our visit to Pearl Farm Beach Resort, which is so beautiful and relaxing. They spoiled us with amazing Filipino food (I ate so much) and drinks. I introduced some of my new friends to Halo Halo and they love it!

Gotta stay hydrated with coconuts!
Up close with a starfish!

It was quite a memorable experience! I miss the wonderful people that I met. Davao is one beautiful place to visit!

We got on one of these to island hop around Davao.
All the boats.
The Philippines Flag.
Rush Hour.

My friend Johannes did an incredible blog post on our trip as well: https://uberding.net/der-erste-flug-nach-davao-mit-qatar-airways/.

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