5 Things To Do in Bangkok

5 Things To Do in Bangkok

First time? Looking for things to do in Bangkok? Here are 5 things you must do during your visit!

The best way to travel and explore a city you’ve never been is to have a local guide. But not everyone is lucky to find an exceptional one, so I hope my list will be helpful! Bangkok is one of my favorite places ever. I had so much fun and memorable memories. All thanks to my new friend, NewZy San (@newzysan). I was so lucky we got to meet because my trip wouldn’t have been as awesome if it wasn’t for her.

So we started our meeting with a photoshoot at the hotel pool.
And then we were ready to hit the streets. Always hydrate. It’s ridiculously hot!

5. Visit King Power Mahanakhon

The Mahanakhon Skywalk is the highest observation deck in Thailand, and you could start your trip by seeing a 360-degree view of the entire city. I caught it during sunset. You also get to walk on the clear glass skywalk, if you are brave enough, that is. I chickened out in the first couple of seconds, then I took a deep breath and conquered my fear of heights. For a minute. Then I got out of there.

Thailand’s iconic landmark at 314 meters tall.
Sunset in Bangkok.
Don’t. Look. Down. Look up instead.

4. Get Lost in ICONSIAM

The largest shopping mall I’ve ever been to in my life, ICONSIAM just opened this past November. Newzy and I were just amazed at how extensive this property was, and all the food and shopping options you could do! We spent 90% of our time eating in the food level, and 10% checking out the stores. You could end up spending the whole day here if you’re going to shop and eat. Furthermore, this is the perfect place to escape the heat.

Started from the bottom…
Now we here (at the highest point)!
Beautiful shopping mall.
So many rice cakes!
I ate like 5 of these. They were cheap too.
Thai Curry, I bet they are spicy.
Time to eat!

3. Visit Wat Arun

This is one of the most beautiful temples I’ve ever visited. Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchawaramahawihan is a Buddhist temple in Bangkok, and an amazing sight to see. I highly recommend coming here. You will only need about 20-30 minutes here, so it’s a quick stop before heading to the next location: The Grand Palace.

What a beauty, Wat Arun.
Too bad you can’t climb all the way up.
Local cat ignored me.

2. The Grand Palace

You can’t complete your trip to Bangkok, or Thailand in general, without setting foot in The Grand Palace. I would allocate about 2-3 hours here, depending on how interested you are in architectural designs and history. This is the official residence of the Thai Kings, and is heavily guarded with military. Be warned, there will be loads of tourists, so perhaps coming early is at your best interest. Be sure to wear pants and covered clothing (they won’t allow shorts, tank tops, etc). They will make you purchase additional clothes at the gift shop.

Like my new pants? They’re quite comfy.
Amazing Thai architecture.
Maybe I should’ve had a tour guide tell me more about these statues.
Lots of Palace material here.
This is so cool!

1. Eat Thai Food Everyday

Cheap and delicious are my two favorite words. And you can find that in all the amazing dishes Thailand has to offer. I highly encourage you to try out the street food. At first you’ll be like, won’t I die or get really bad stomach aches? Probably, but you’ll be fine. I ate at so many street vendors and I only had one bad reaction to a greasy fried chicken vendor. Other than that, I was fine. Try to avoid the water though. Regardless, eat eat eat. Eat the mango sticky rice. Eat the Pad Thai. Eat the skewers. Eat it if you don’t even know what it is. You’re in for a culinary adventure. Once you go back home, you’ll be thinking about Thai food like your first love.

Newzy San took me to this noodle spot, and I LOVE it!
I forgot where this was, I’ll have to ask Newzy again.
Forget any low-carb diet you had planned.
A full plate of Mango Sticky rice for under $1.50USD.
It was wonton inside. I kept coming back to this vendor two days in a row.
Fresh Mango. Everyday.
You’d be crazy not to take advantage of fresh coconuts everyday.
In love with the coco.
These are about a $1 each (even less that that for some).
Don’t forget the Thai Ice Tea! It’s so good, I brought some tea bags to LA.
I had Pad Thai everyday.
Along with Mango Sticky Rice.
Make sure you get it at Kor Panich Sticky Rice.
I would find spots where I would see tons of locals, and just eat there.
Because that’s how I roll.

Thank you for making it all the way to the end. Hope you enjoyed my post. I really miss Thailand after writing this. Thanks again, Newzy San, for being an amazing tour guide and friend!

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