Similan Islands with Jenn and Cora

Similan Islands with Jenn and Cora

You can’t go to Phuket and not go island hopping.

If you’ve never heard of the Phi Phi Islands, clearly you’ve never seen The Beach (Leonardo DiCaprio), The Man with the Golden Gun (James Bond), Good Morning Vietnam movies. The most popular islands happened to be closed to tourists due to over-tourism (well, some parts of it was closed). So there was no point going at the moment. Our local friends told us that they were going island hopping to Similan Islands instead, which was only open during a couple of months a year. We hopped right on the opportunity and booked last minute tickets for the boat rides.

So many islands, so little time.
At the docks.
We had 4 island destinations out of the 9. Similan means “nine” in Thai.
I love the turquoise colors of the sea.
Suns out, buns out!
It’s a really beautiful beach just like @lovemicorazon.
Making waves with @jennleezy.

It’s a really beautiful beach. Until the hordes of tourists come.

Here they come!
It’s like a land invasion. But with tourists.

We were one of the first ones to land at the beach. These waves of tourists came and it was impossible to do a photoshoot afterwards. But luckily we had our photos already and was ready for the next destination: Snorkeling at another island.

So beautiful!
Dive in!

While snorkeling, I documented this local guide who collected trash stuck in the coral reefs.

Most of the trash were of plastic bottles left behind by tourists. Human trash is so damaging to our ecosystem. Please be mindful of what you use and where you dispose (or neglect to dispose) of them. I was glad to see people like him do something about the trash in our ocean.

They gave us refreshments on the boat. Including coconut ice cream and fruits.

So at our last island, we were given a boxed lunch which wasn’t bad at all. I quite enjoyed it, plus I was starving.

Thai lunch box!
These dragons, I meant, lizards, were just casually wandering around hunting scraps of our food.
Tourists being tourists.
The newest Bond girl, @Jennleezy.

We had an amazing time. It did take the whole day of driving to and fro the docks, and the rides back to our hotel. But it was so worth it! This is one incredible experiences you’ll ever have. And don’t forget the dramamine!

It’s a boat time this blog post ended.

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