Dream on at Dream Hotel Phuket

Dream on at Dream Hotel Phuket

Our last stay in Phuket was at Dream Hotel. Hotels are way better for those that don’t like walking quite a distance just to get from the lobby/parking lot to their rooms. Everything is within range when you just want to walk out of your room and grab a quick bite or drinks at the hotel restaurant or bar. Dream Hotel was exactly that, you could text your friends to meet up at the rooftop pool in two minutes, and we’ll all be there without having to make a trek from point a to point b. And let me tell you, the rooftop pool and bar at Dream Hotel was incredible. I would spend all my time there if I could. I had a great time at the hotel with Jenn @jennleezy and Cora @lovemicorazon and it was a perfect way to end our Phuket trip.

Jenn soaking in the sun.
Cora at the Infinity Pool. Yes, those are extremely heavy rain clouds waiting to pour on us.
Where is my drink? 
Postcard-like views from the rooftop.

The rooms are very modern and high tech. I was happy with my room, I wish my room was cool like this. They also have American-friendly outlets! I was able to charge all my devices without having to mess with the converter adapters.

Bed, bath, and beyond.

My other favorite part of the hotel is the main pool / cabanas. It’s such a pretty sight. I would love to do photoshoots here all the time if I could! And when I’m finished, I would lay out on the cabana and get fresh coconuts and a cocktail and relax.

Still can’t get over that view over the rooftop. It’s like paradise within paradise. Thankful for Dream Hotel for giving us a wonderful stay. Also, thanks for dropping by!