Miami Trip with LoveMiCorazon

Miami Trip with LoveMiCorazon

Miami Beach will always be one of my favorite destinations in the USA. This time, it was with David (@davidju1v1) and Cora (@lovemicorazon). We stayed at Casa Faena in South Beach, which was an amazing hotel with great location! It rained for the first few days but I didn’t mind it because I don’t see much rain in LA. It did get really humid though, that I was a human sweating machine. Regardless, Miami was a beautiful spot for photoshoots. I hope you enjoy the photos I took of Cora!

Jungle Island was pretty fun! I highly recommend going there if you’re into wild animals! Esp parrots!

Strolling along South Beach.

Always good to admire the art all over Wynwood Arts District!


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Miami Faena Hotel @lovemicorazon from Speaq Social on Vimeo.