TWICE at KCON 2018 Los Angeles KPOP

So not many people know but I love listening to KPOP from time to time. Okay, more like all the time. Depends on my mood. Which is most of them. Anyways, KCON came to LA just several days ago and I got invited to shoot with singer Esna at the convention. I was super happy to hang around with her and get to meet my favorite KPOP groups/singers at the same time. I was mind-blown when the members of Twice walked right past me during their Q&A with the crowd. They are so beautiful and super cute in real life too!

Ailee is very personable and sweet to her fans. I was touched at how much love she showed every single one of her fans who came to see her at the meet and greet. I love her music so much, you have to listen to her songs. She’s pure amazing. 

And Momoland did a short appearance at the State Farm booth. I love several of their songs too. 

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Ryan C

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