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I haven’t gone to Wondercon since it was still in San Francisco around 2013/14? I had no idea it was being held in Anaheim Convention Center now, so I was super excited to head over to Orange County for some cosplay fun! I didn’t know what to expect but I love the vibe of Wondercon over LA Comic Con since Anaheim Convention Center is just more spacious inside and outside for all the photographers and cosplayers to meet and shoot! I love what I saw and captured some of my favorite ones for the blog! Enjoy!

My favorite had to be the LEGO Lord of the Rings characters!

After I took so many photos and Fyuses, I decided it was time to go inside the convention!

I also met up with my new friend Emily aka @thestylishgeek!

We also did a quick photoshoot outside!

Thanks for dropping by and nerding it out with me!

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