Miznon and La Droguerie with Kristen Grace Lam

Miznon and La Droguerie with Kristen Grace Lam

Kristen Grace Lam and I have been running into each other throughout New York Fashion Week. I wasn’t surprised to find out she was in France too for Paris Fashion Week. We finally got a chance to meet up for dinner, and I made her choose the place. She was set on Chez Janou but last minute changed it up to Miznon, which is a French/Mediterranean/Middle Eastern/Israeli foodie spot that had quite a wait on a Friday night. I understood why there was a line – the food was amazing and exquisite!  The roasted cauliflowers were my favorite too. Did I mention they had baskets of free pita bread?? I judge restaurants by their free bread and Miznon definitely is on top of my fav restaurants in Paris for that.

Roasted Cauliflower

Beef Falafel

Roasted Sweet Potato

We then walked around to digest a bit. Le Marais is a really cool, hipster area. We didn’t really had time to digest our dinner because it was only a block and a half until we reached La Droguerie.

It was fun watching the guy make our crepes!

She had the sugar + lemon crepe, and I had the Nutella + banana crepe. Both were really good, depends on your cravings!

Just a bit of advice: use TripAdvisor when you’re looking up places to eat in Europe, most locals use that to leave reviews while American tourists use Yelp to leave reviews. I trust the locals more!