The Kia Stinger with Infinitely Cindy

The Kia Stinger with Infinitely Cindy

I was so excited when Kia asked me and Cindy @infinitely_cindy to test drive and experience the all new Kia Stinger! I already got a glimpse of the Stinger in the last Kia event (click here) but had to wait until it was ready to be released from its cage. We started our day at the Garland Hotel and spent a wonderful dinner and breakfast with the other members of the media. After the Kia Stinger Presentation, Cindy and I immediately rushed to pick our Stinger – we decided to go with the grey since we both really love the color.

Next, they had us drive around the Angeles Crest Highway for some scenic roads like the ones you see on commercials. It was fun except when you didn’t have cellular reception. Then Cindy and I decided to head straight to Six Flags Magic Mountain for the racing tracks. We were surprised that we could try out the other competitor cars as well! They had the Audi S5, BMW 440i, BMW 640i GC, Porsche Panamera, Lexus GS, and Infiniti Q50 at the course for us to compare to the Kia Stinger. Cindy and I both agreed that the Stinger and BMW 640i were tied as our top two. The Stinger, in our opinion, definitely outperformed the Audi S5, Porsche Panamera, and Lexus GS. I talked to the other members of the media what they thought and some of them wanted the Stinger as their next car!

Cindy and I did a little photoshoot as well. Special thanks to Sanrio / Hello Kitty for this killer racing jacket from their #FilaxSanrioxOU collaboration. I’m torn between the red and blue Stinger colors, but I think I would totally go for the customized blue since that is my favorite color. 

The saddest part of my day was being dropped off to my car and wishing I could go from 0 to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds like I did with the Kia Stinger. Or even just be able to drive in Sports mode and hear the car roar. Or have really nice Harman Kardon speakers to blast my music to while sitting in traffic. One day I shall have the Kia Stinger!

Here’s a video of our first day from Cindy’s YouTube: