New York Fashion Week Recap

New York Fashion Week Recap

I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve been to New York Fashion Week. I’ve been attending NYFW since 2011, and I think I only missed two of the winter fashion weeks (I’m glad I did, I skipped out on that “Polar Vortex” one). I’ve seen a lot of changes happen (remember when it was still called Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week?), but one thing that never changes: the fashion lives on! I teamed up again with Jess @NotJessFashion for the second time in a row, and hit up several fashion shows and events during this September’s fashion week festivities.

Off topic, if you’re flying out from LAX to JFK, JetBlue is the way to go! Free Wi-Fi (thanks to Amazon Prime) throughout the whole flight and a kickass Terminal 5 that has Dunkin Donuts and a bunch of really good restaurants. And free Wi-Fi. You can’t beat that.

So first night I got there, we attended the Hermes’ Twilly and Tiffany’s #AllWeNeed events. It was great to see familiar faces again!

Next day, we hit up Cinq a Sept Spring/Summer 2018 Presentation, which was truly beautiful!

Ran into several of my favorite fashion week bloggers: Sheryl @walkinwonderland, Jess @notjessfashion, Sai De Silva @scoutfashion, and Krystal Bick.  

This was Jess waiting for her Uber. 

Then we were off to see Beaufille:

Then Milly:

And then Nicole Miller:

This was Jess’ outfit of the day, which is my favorite photo of her that I’ve taken all of fashion week:

The next day, we went backstage at Tibi! I really love going backstage because I get to see all the chaos and preparation before the show begins!

My most favorite show was hands down the Public School NYC fashion show, set in Chinatown, NYC! They closed off an entire alleyway for the show, and even made restaurant patrons wait to enter the Chinese restaurants next to the fashion show venue! Jess and I got to check out backstage and then the show right after.

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to visit @notjessfashion’s blog for more #NYFW recaps!
P.S. Shoutout to my friend Dan for the photo edits!