Finding Niro with Infinitely Cindy

Finding Niro with Infinitely Cindy

It was a pleasant surprise when my YouTuber friend Cindy Thai @infinitelycindy texted me about going to the Kia Asian Media / Digital Influencer Ride & Drive Event with her and test driving the new Kia Niro. I immediately said yes because I’ve always wanted to meet people in the car industry (that wasn’t my mechanic). Also, I didn’t know much about cars or Kia except how to drive them, so it was fun asking questions to Garrett, Terissa, and other Kia staff members about cars/hybrids and the Kia corporation.But first, let me start from the beginning. This shiny red eco-hybrid Niro was delivered into my hands and I was already super excited to be driving it. I didn’t know what to expect since I rarely drive a Kia (I drive a Hyundai Elantra by the way, so that’ll be the basis of my comparisons). First, I love the design! It is the perfect size for a crossover, and it feels sporty too! Second, I love the built-in tech. The collision warning technology that tells you a car or person is super close to you or is approaching your way when you’re switching lanes or backing up (blind-spot detection) is very, very helpful! I think I managed to eliminate a couple of close calls thanks to that! Also, the Apple CarPlay mode really helps me respond to my texts hands free! And I can change songs on my Spotify a lot easier. Seriously makes it a breeze to drive without having to even look at my phone to handle my business! Third, I LOVE the Sports Mode! When Garrett told us about it, Cindy and I went crazy on using it all the time to accelerate and speed it up on the streets! It’s amazing to see how fast a hybrid can go! Last but not least, 51 miles per gallon!?? I thought it was a joke but it is for reals! I drove all over LA for two days and it only ate up 1/4 of a tank.

I drove Cindy around the first day. Here’s the vlog!

Here are some photos we took during the trip to Orange County! 

We drove around Pacific Coast Highway to discover some scenic sights!

I really hope I can drive the new Kia Stinger soon! It looks so beautiful and super fun to drive!

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