Maison St-Germain LA Debut Hosted by Lily Kwong

Maison St-Germain LA Debut Hosted by Lily Kwong

My dear Krys Khloe invited me to be her +1 at the St-Germain LA Debut at the Houdini Estate this past Wednesday and we were both glad we went! It was such a fun event with lots of amazing flowers, decorations, and art installations created by landscape artist and creative director Lily Kwong. The St-Germain drinks were amazing as well! It was good to see old friends and meet new friends at the event! These were all shot on the iPhone since Krys Khloe told me to leave my professional camera behind so I could enjoy the event. I wish it wasn’t too humid that night, I was sweating like crazy. But still had loads of fun!

Eunice, Julie, and Karen!

Olivia Culpo!

Giving the final rose to Krys Khloe.

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