First Time at Comic Con San Diego!

First Time at Comic Con San Diego!

FINALLY. After so many years, I was able to attend Comic Con International in San Diego (CCSD) for the first time ever! I did go last year but I didn’t have a badge and just documented the cosplayers from the outside of the building. Special thanks to my friend Jennifer @ooojenns for arranging everything especially for being my Comic Con mom because I didn’t even know what to do or where to go. I was already overwhelmed during Preview Night and that wasn’t even when all the intense action was happening. If you want to really get the most out of CCSD, you really have to plan it out or else you’ll get overwhelmed! You’re either there for the cosplay, comic books/collectibles, celebrities, special experiences/exhibits (like the Game of Thrones Experience we lined up for 8 hours but gave up), and industry parties. Don’t try to do everything! I focused on cosplay this time around since I’m always mesmerized with the production values and efforts that professional cosplayers put in on their costumes. I’ve even heard stories of people still sewing and working on their costumes during the flight to San Diego! Major props to them.

This was at preview night where I finally got to meet up with Jenn after so many years of not seeing her!

Jenn turned into this later on. Be sure to check out her cosplay page: Click Here.

Some White Walker King tried to recruit me to the other side. No thanks.

Indiana Jones and his cast members!

I just love these goombas. I want them in my room.

There were some crazy insane action figures / sculptures or whatever you call them at Comic Con.

And some of my favorite cosplay via Fyuse.

And this is Ron and Lisa. Never mess with Wonder Woman.

Not included in this blog post is tons of Deadpool, Bob Burgers, Rick and Morty, everything Star Wars and Harry Potter cosplays. Here are more cosplay fyuses I took on the Fyuse blog: Click Here. Thanks for reading!