I finally got to see what Anime Expo was all about! I had no idea how INSANE the lines would be just to get in! I don’t know whether there were just so many attendees or AX wasn’t organized enough to get everyone inside promptly. It was hot too, I can see why everyone was in a bad mood waiting to get in. Words of Advice: Try to get your badge the day before, and come in as early as you possibly can. I really hope it’s going to be more organized next year. Yukibomb and I managed to make our way inside and the fun began! I was really impressed at the quality of cosplay at Anime Expo compared to LA Comic Con and Anime Impulse! Here are photos of some of the ones I managed to capture!

Everyone who was lucky enough to get in!

These guys came all the way from Japan!

I started watching Tokyo Ghoul on Hulu after the event. It’s so good!!! Thanks for getting me hooked, Yukibomb!

Making new friends: @himebutt and @mimisugars!

I also started watching One-Punch Man, it’s okay though. Still interesting to watch!

Pika Pika!

Thought of getting a sword, but where would I use it?

Naruto and friends!

it’s a Titan! 

This was one intense costume:

Crazy SFX Makeup!

He looks just like the actual Professor Snape!

I don’t know what show but Sword Art Online?

Hope you enjoyed the photos and fyuses!

We also ended up getting Korean BBQ at GwangYang BBQ in Koreatown! I highly recommend it! Thanks, Yukibomb, for a fun day!

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