My dear friend Miss Tiffanie Marie invited me to Viale Beauty‘s event in a mansion high up on Mulholland Drive somewhere in Hollywood Hills. It was a marvelous house, and I later found out it used to be the Wu Tang house! The Viale Beauty team was really nice and friendly! I don’t really use beauty products but I’m pretty sure their beauty lineup is superb! I almost didn’t want to go but I am glad I did because I met so many amazing people that day!

Here’s my new friend Allyssa @thenudefox. These flamingos are so fun!

Here’s a photobooth photo of me, Celine Linarte, Christine @Kkarmalove, Tiffanie Marie, Stephanie @Vuracious, Rudy, and Agnes.

Sara Choi and her friend Karen!

More photobooth fun!

Samantha @whatwouldkikiwear, Allysa, and Venus.

Anna Cui and Jessie Ma.

Yukibomb, Jennifer Mun, and Stephanie @vuracious. 

Stephanie helping Ayumi in the pool.

Where did you get those Hot Cheetos, Sara?

So glad there was food! They were all top notch too!

More Fyuses:

Here’s Ammish being a cutie

Thanks for reading! And thank you Tiffanie for being an amazing host!

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Ryan C

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