I was super excited when my chef friend Debi @debisushi invited me to dine at Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill Restaurant in The Grove LA the other day. Who could turn down sushi?? I brought two of my favorite foodies with me (Linda @ltnda and Evelyn Lin @xevelynlinx) to help me eat and take pictures of their delicious dishes. Debi and her crew made us so many dishes that day. Like every single dish that came to us was beyond amazing! 

I destroyed all the sushi rolls that Debi made. 

We shared this huge lychee cocktail, it was so good but we could barely finish it.

The chicken wings are always my favorite! I love how it came in a stone pot.  

More sushi, more life. 

The head chef customized this for us! 

This avocado dish was so good, craving it right now.

Wagyu beef!

The oxtail fried rice is very unique, I’ve never had anything like it! Be sure to order this for sure!

Watching Debi make more sushi for us.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out Blue Ribbon in LA!

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Ryan C

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