Back in Hawaii with Amy and Linda | Prince Waikiki

Back in Hawaii with Amy and Linda | Prince Waikiki

A few months ago, Amy @ammish, Linda @ltnda, and I talked about escaping LA for a couple of days and going someplace fun and do photoshoots. We thought Oahu, Hawaii would be the perfect place – especially since there are so many amazing locations to shoot and great foodie spots to grub on. We didn’t realize that one of those picturesque locations would be right at our hotel – Prince Waikiki in Honolulu! The suites were very spacious and well-lit, the bedrooms were picture-perfect for our bed-in-breakfast photos, and the pool/cabanas were more than what a photographer like me and Linda could ask for! Everything’s been newly-renovated, so the whole place is super nice and modern! The hotel staff were also very friendly and helpful. Amy, Linda and I were all very happy to have stayed in Prince Waikiki, seriously one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed in! I highly recommend it for your next stay in Honolulu!

Photo by Linda of the bedroom with those amazing views of the ocean!

The cabanas are my favorite spots to shoot! I love the white and blue tones all over. We even did a couple of shoots with Cina Luks and Jessica Fang on site. 

Here’s Linda taking photos of Amy for Ivy Swimwear.

That cabana life was real. Nothing like eating sweet potato chips and sipping on those Aloha juices (I love them because they’re made out of real cane sugar, not the fattening high fructose corn syrup that are in other softdrinks). I’m also on a major Guava-juice withdrawal after drinking them for a week.

Did I mention the views are also amazing?? This is what I woke up to everyday, and watching the sunset say its goodbyes!

P.S. A couple more things I love about Prince Waikiki: FREE WIFI and Japanese-style toilets! It was life changing! It is also away from all the craziness of Waikiki Beach, but close enough to get there. I love how I could walk to Ala Moana Shopping Center, an ABC Superette, my favorite musubi place (Cafe Musubi Iyasume), and several restaurants / dessert places just a few blocks away!