IVY Swimwear Asian Girls Bikini Shoot

Linda (@ltnda) and Amy (@ammish) asked me if I was down to do a desert shoot. I was like, “yes, totally, count me in!” Then Amy mentioned that the sand dunes were at Imperial Sand Dunes, three and half hours away! I was not very happy at how long the drive would take, but I decided maybe it was worth driving there. And it was!! Worth every mile, every minute to get there. It was like traveling to Egypt or some foreign lands, it didn’t feel like California anymore. The Imperial Sand Dunes were breathtaking, you could film a scene for StarWars or MadMax here. I photographed Amy, Linda, and Jennifer Mun (@itsjennifermun) for Ivy Swimwear, and I love the outcome of our shoots! Special thanks to ZeroUV for the killer shades! Here are several photos from our shoot, hope you enjoyed the shots!

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Ryan C

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