So my dear friend Tiffany Ma (@misstiffanyma – be sure to subscribe to her channel!) told me she┬áneeded help with a secret project that she was working on. I asked her for more details and she told me it was for a new clothing line that she was launching. I was more than happy to be a part of her journey, especially since I’ve shot for so many fashion brands in the past. I’m so proud of Tiffany for undertaking such a huge project and happy to hear of a successful launch! We worked with two beautiful models for this shoot – Nina Barker and Mackenzie – who were perfect for her brand. Our lovely makeup artist was Nicole Paulson. We shot in one of the most beautiful studios I’ve ever shot in, and I know I’ll be back there over and over again. Hope you enjoyed the photos, be sure to check out and shop at Liv and Jess!

Here’s behind the scenes of me and the style team from Tiffany’s vlogs:

And some cool Fyuses we took:

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