Megan Lee told me she wanted to do her next cover song on Moana’s “How Far I’ll Go”. At that time, I haven’t seen the movie so I was like, “okay, sure.” Then I saw the movie. And I was like, “YES, We are definitely doing this song!” To be honest, I really cannot stand Alessia Cara’s version of the song, it feels so off from the essence of the movie, and she sounds crackly. But Megan’s version just blew me away like the way the wind blew Moana’s sails so she could reach the island. I almost think Megan’s┬áversion should have just been the version they played at the end of the movie. We filmed this video under the Santa Monica Pier. We were lucky it didn’t rain that day or too windy like our previous take. I really hope you enjoyed the music video. Please like and subscribe to Megan’s channel! We’re already planning our next video project at the moment! Stay tuned!

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Ryan C

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