Here’s a set I took of Jennifer Mun (@itsjennifermun). We shot this at my friend Peter’s rooftop in Downtown LA, away from all the craziness in the streets. With a new year, I think we should all think about having a more positive attitude in life. Especially when things don’t go our way, instead of blaming ourselves and others, we can think about how we can do better and learn from our mistake or previous actions. For example, I was recording a video of Megan Lee the other week, and then I realized a day later that I forgot to press ‘record’. So I ended up with having one less video segment to work with. So I’m definitely going to pay more attention to my camera controls and make sure the record light is on next time.

Hope you enjoyed the photos! I also found out Jennifer’s scared of heights, but I forced her to overcome her fear. Follow her on Fyuse!

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Ryan C

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