Happy New Year, everyone! I’m sure you’re all bombarded with “New Year, New Me” posts by now! I do hope people do live up to their resolutions. But I stopped believing in making resolutions awhile back, when I realized we end up breaking them. Instead, turn your resolutions into a lifestyle change. I’ve been going to the gym 3-4 times a week now for the past three months ever since I incorporated it in my daily routine. I’m still struggling with overeating, so that’s one thing I’ll be working on.

This past year has been an interesting year, lots of great things happened in my life. I finally moved back to Southern California to be with my family. It was also a great opportunity for me to work with more influencers & companies and introduce Fyuse to them. I also got to work with so many amazing people! That’s one thing I love about being in my industry, there are so many creative people to meet and collaborate with. Samantha (aka @whatwouldkikiwear) is definitely one of them! Check out her blog when you get the chance and find out more details of her outfit (click here). Hope you had an amazing NYE celebration and here’s to the new year!
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