5 Amazing Spots to Shoot in San Francisco

5 Amazing Spots to Shoot in San Francisco

The other day, someone asked me where some of the best spots to do photoshoots in San Francisco. I thought of all the spots I’ve shot in SF, and there were several that I always go back to for shoots time and time again. So if you are new to SF or just looking for other spots to do photoshoots, hope you find this list helpful!

Maiden Lane: Maiden Lane (and surrounding blocks) is one of the prettiest areas in SF that you’ll ever visit. It’s a nice two-block long alleyway that places you away from the crazy tourist paths and allows you to have that city/downtown feel. You could say it’s like a cross between NYC and Europe. Always be aware of your surroundings and your belongings, one of my blogger friends got her bag stolen while she was shooting with another photographer. The surrounding corners also are very photogenic too with the luxury retail stores on hand. Photos with Jackie @lovefromjackie.

Yerba Buena Gardens: YBG has been my go-to spot in SF for the last 5 years. There are so many shooting options to choose from! You can get the downtown/city feel, and boho/garden/park settings! The best part: not that many tourists and hobos that will get in your way/shots! Here are photos from my shoot with Brittney @missxbo!

Potrero Hill: Has the best selection of grey / monochrome walls. It is perfect for those looking for an industrial setting. It is way better than shooting in the Mission District – less people, less hobos, and more parking spots! Photos with Catherine @venustraphobic.

Oh and if you actually go to the hills part of Potrero Hill, there’s a killer view on 20th and Wisconsin. Be sure to go on sunrise or sunset, and hope there isn’t fog! Here is Rachel @rachelvogttrends for her birthday shoot!

Embarcadero / Ferry Building: You can get that classic San Francisco look at the Ferry Building. The inside is also very fun and nice to shoot with all the local artisan shops as well. Just a heads up: tourists and hobos that will get in your way. So avoid shooting there on super touristy days (holidays and weekends). Photos with Ariana Lauren @arianalauren.

101 California: It’s a perfect blend of City Garden and Downtown in the heart of the Financial District. Avoid shooting there during rush hours. It’s practically empty during the weekends and holidays.

Photos with Catherine @venustraphobic.

Hope you found this blog post helpful!