Meeting at Studios!

Meeting at Studios!

My friend Jenny (@tsangtastic) texted me one night while I was at the gym and asked me if I wanted to meet musician/actor at his studios! Of course I wasn’t going to say no to that. I was super giddy while running the treadmill, trying to contain my excitement. I couldn’t believe it when I entered the studio and saw walked by while his team introduced themselves to us. The studio was very futuristic, I thought I was in a spaceship or something. We got to check out the new iam+ Buttons, which I think are super dope and stylish. It goes very well with my new iPhone 7 since it’s all Bluetooth now. So the highlight of my day was finding out how chill and creative Will really is. He was super nice to everyone and also worked creatively in everyone’s collaboration. He even came up with a new song for someone! It was truly a pleasure to meet him in person!

Here’s me and Jenny! Thanks for bringing me with you!

Jill @littleblackboots doing a music video with

Jenny @tsangtastic, Stephanie @honeynsilk, Eugenie @feralcreature

Yesssss all mine!