Linh @bescene (aka the most talented hair colorist in the world) invited me to take photos during his hair collaboration with another very talented hairstylist, Anh Co Tran, at the RAMIREZ | TRAN Hair Salon in Beverly Hills. It was very much a super fun day spent with fun and beautiful people. The girls that day were Francis Lola @flamcis, Lisa Lee @hilisaa, and Daisy Marquez. I know nothing about hair, so it was interesting to see these two talented individuals work their magic. Check out the transformation below! Hope you enjoyed the photos!
bescene-x-anhcotran-ramirez-tran-salon-5975 bescene-x-anhcotran-ramirez-tran-salon-6001  bescene-x-anhcotran-ramirez-tran-salon-6047 bescene-x-anhcotran-ramirez-tran-salon-6087 bescene-x-anhcotran-ramirez-tran-salon-6669 daisy-marquez-bescene-anhcotran-6939 francis-flamcis-bescene-anhcotran-6263 lisa-lee-hilisaa-bescene-anhcotran-6883

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