My day was supposed to start at 8am for a backstage access at Adam Lippes, but Jess and I both changed our minds the night before. We definitely need more sleep after staying up late for photo edits. So our day started at Self Portrait where I got to see Aimee and Dani Song, who ended up sitting next to Jess. And guess who Jess sat next to on her right? Olivia Palermo! I snapped photos of Aimee and Dani right after the show!

songofstyle dani song self portrait nyfw streetstyle

Jess and I headed to SoHo for the Rebecca Minkoff show. It was insanity. They blocked off an entire city block for the show, and tons of people just waiting to see it. You’d be lucky to even get a glimpse of the runway. I didn’t even bother watching since I was so occupied with taking streetstyle photos.

Here’s Camila Coelho. She’s amazing and she’s become one of my favorite fashion week bloggers.camila coelho camila coelho

The lovely Jessi Malay.
jessi malay

It’s always great to see Tamara! I’ve been shooting her since my first fashion week in 2012! 

Jenny Tsangtastic and Jess NotJessFashiontsangtastic notjessfashion

I couldn’t keep a straight face when Marianna Hewitt showed up.nyfw-streetstyle-ryanbyryanchua-0448


Girls with no names. I don’t know who they are. Comment below if you do.
nyfw-streetstyle-ryanbyryanchua-0740 nyfw-streetstyle-ryanbyryanchua-0817nyfw-streetstyle-ryanbyryanchua-0761 nyfw-streetstyle-ryanbyryanchua-0776

After the show, I took a break and cooled off at my hotel room. It was ridiculously humid that day, I was literally drenched in sweat. Seriously cannot stand NYC weather. Next stop was Shopstyle Social House at the Glasshouses. It rained for 5 minutes right during my walk. During my walk. It had to be at that time. There was nothing on the weather forecast but I showed up drenched at the event, and the rain just decided to stop as soon as I arrived. What a day.

The moment I opened the doors, I ran into this beautiful couple named Kimmy Hyunh and Pete Cashmore.

And then I got to see Shay @drunkonshoes too!shay-drunkonshoes-shopstyle-nyfw-ryanbyryanchua-1099

Also got to see my dear SF friend Latisha Springer with her fashion friends.latisha-and-friends

I was only there for 20 minutes until the Banana Republic show, which was luckily right on the next block. I wish every show was super close to each other instead of another district.banana-republic-nyfw-ss2017-1173 banana-republic-nyfw-ss2017-1200

Then after that, it was on to more photoshoots with my favorite blogger in the world, Jess @NotJessFashion. Photos coming soon but here’s a Fyuse! Be sure to follow us there!

And then we grabbed drinks and appetizers at this bar/restaurant called Porchlight, which was a pretty fun venue. Vanny, Grace, and Angel joined us as well.

Impromptu photoshoot on our way back home. I actually just met Angel Zheng at the Shopstyle event, where she introduced herself to me and Jess in the elevator. Now she’s one of the coolest friends I have in NYC!angel-and-vanny

And the end. Until tomorrow! Please don’t let it be humid. Thanks.


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