New York Fashion Week | Day One

New York Fashion Week | Day One

I was originally planning on not going to NYFW this time, but my friend Jess (@notjessfashion) convinced me otherwise. I’m so glad I listened, I forgot about the amazing fun things that makes fashion week incredible. Minus the sweating. Yes, the humidity in NYC is insanity. I changed shirts like 4 times today and took 3 showers. But besides that, it was nice to be shooting streetstyle and runway again. Did I mention how much I miss public transit? I actually need a break from driving everyday around LA that it’s nice to just hop on a subway / train line in NYC. Or even Uber if it’s not surging.

These are some shots I took of Jess @NotJessFashion after Marissa Webb. notjessfashion-nyfw-streetstyle-ryanbyryanchua-day-one-4873 notjessfashion-nyfw-streetstyle-ryanbyryanchua-day-one-4902 notjessfashion-nyfw-streetstyle-ryanbyryanchua-day-one-4919

May Myat Noe from Myanmar

nyfw-streetstyle-ryanbyryanchua-day-one-4740 nyfw-streetstyle-ryanbyryanchua-day-one-4751

I should’ve asked for her name.

Miss Marianna Hewitt
streetstyle-nyfw-fashion-bloggers-ryanbyryanchua-4702 streetstyle-nyfw-fashion-bloggers-ryanbyryanchua-4724

More streetstyle
streetstyle-nyfw-fashion-bloggers-ryanbyryanchua-4760 streetstyle-nyfw-fashion-bloggers-ryanbyryanchua-4878

Some of my favorites from Marissa Webb that I took. I actually gave up the opportunity for front row seats to get these views.

marissa-webb-nyfw-fashion-designer-ryanbyryanchua-4471 marissa-webb-nyfw-fashion-designer-ryanbyryanchua-4493 marissa-webb-nyfw-fashion-designer-ryanbyryanchua-4526 marissa-webb-nyfw-fashion-designer-ryanbyryanchua-4553 marissa-webb-nyfw-fashion-designer-ryanbyryanchua-4607

Jess and I decided to check out the Australian Collection at Chelsea Piers afterwards.

Here are some of my favorites from the Austrialian Collection!

australian-collection-nyfw-fashion-designer-ryanbyryanchua-5173 australian-collection-nyfw-fashion-designer-ryanbyryanchua-5292 australian-collection-nyfw-fashion-designer-ryanbyryanchua-5352

Hope you enjoyed my post!