While I was attending KCON last month, I came upon Korean Dancer/Choreographer Lia Kim of 1 Million Dance Studio at the KCON.TV booth. I hadn’t really a clue who she was at first, but then after I saw her YouTube channel, I then realized who she really was. She’s AMAZING. Her dance videos on YouTube blew me away, an watching her dance with KPOP stars made me even more star struck. She’s pure talented. A few hours later, Matthew from KORE Limited asked me if I wanted to do a photoshoot with Lia Kim for the KORE x GACHI collaboration. I said yes! and found myself doing a photoshoot with her the next day! I was a bit starstruck at first. She greeted me in Korean on a dark night outside Spring Street, and I didn’t know how to respond so I said, “nice to meet you too” in English. I do want to learn Korean someday, just need to get myself some Rosetta Stone. My friend Peter from 5A Label was kinda enough to let us shoot and film at Studio 5A at 1am. Luckily everything worked out, and I was super happy to hear that Lia enjoyed working with me. I hope to work with her again in the near future, perhaps the next time she is in LA or my future visit to Korea. I really love the hats too, I wear them like almost everyday, so get one if you can: the black one is the best.
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