One day, I was going through my feed and saw that Jasmine Tosh was visiting Los Angeles! I immediately commented that I wanted to shoot with her, and next thing I know, she DM’s me! I’ve been following her for the longest times, she’s one of my dream bloggers to shoot! And it finally happened last week! I swooped her up from her hotel and we drove around Bel Air for some cool spots to shoot. She’s so lovely and sweet, and fun to shoot with. I really can’t wait for her to come back to LA next month! See more details of her outfit on her blog: Jasmine Tosh Lately.

pink-top-jasmine-tosh-bel-air-fashion-photography-by-RyanbyRyanChua-5657 pink-top-jasmine-tosh-bel-air-fashion-photography-by-RyanbyRyanChua-5690 pink-top-jasmine-tosh-bel-air-fashion-photography-by-RyanbyRyanChua-5766 pink-top-jasmine-tosh-bel-air-fashion-photography-by-RyanbyRyanChua-5844 pink-top-jasmine-tosh-bel-air-fashion-photography-by-RyanbyRyanChua-5811

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