KCON Day Three: Amber from f(x), Jenn Im, Mukbang

KCON Day Three: Amber from f(x), Jenn Im, Mukbang

The last day of KCON brought in some of the biggest stars of the KPOP world. I got to see Amber from f(x) up close and personal at her interview with Haeppy and Bapmokja at KCON TV. Her fans swarmed the entire section of the KCON TV booth just to catch a glimpse of her.

I also got to catch up with YouTube star Jenn Im. I haven’t seen her in ages ever since she left the Bay Area. She’s so sweet and nice to her fans!


Then Nicole @Nicqueen, Krys Khloe, and Justin JJ Park did mukbang on live TV. If you don’t know what mukbang is, it’s basically eating in front of a live audience, which is popular in Asia. I couldn’t stay too long to watch, I was getting hungry and I know there’d be no leftovers left with those three.


Afterwards, Bapmokja showed us his lifting skills.Bapmokja KCON TV

Next I stopped by the Flower Boys Cafe to catch up with some friends. Here’s Yuki, Christina, and Krys Khloe.

Then KCON was officially over. And everyone packed the Staples Center to see their favorite stars. I actually was there just for TWICE and Girls Generation TTS. I was actually very impressed with Eric Nam and Amber, they’re both very very talented singers. Overall, I had an amazing time! I met lots of wonderful people and I can’t wait for next year’s KCON LA!

Here’s Tiffany (also Krys Khloe’s cousin) from Girls Generation TTS. tiffany-GirlsGeneration-TTS-KCON-2016-LA-8206