Okay so I didn’t want to jump in on the craze during the first few days of the Pokémon Go release, but right after I started playing it, I couldn’t stop! This game is so fun! Where was this all my life? I’m actually going out there and walking. I once walked home instead of taking Uber so that I could catch Pokemon along the way. And just yesterday, I made my nieces go to the public park with me so I wasn’t by myself playing Pokemon. I also spent most of my time catching Pokemon at my friend’s wedding (click here). As part of my obsession, I’ve decided to incorporate Pokemon into my fashion and foodie shoots! Hope you like them!

Celine Linarte at Zero X in Pomona with her Snorlax.

Catherine found a wild Pikachu!
pikachu catch them all pokemon go catherine pham venustraphobic

Amy Zhang and her Pikachu.
pikachu pokemon amy zhang theluxilook

A wild Eevee appeared!
eevee pokemon amy zhang theluxilook

Catherine Pham chilling with her Squirtle.

What level are you? Comment down below! (I’m level 11)

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