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Ryan C

Most bloggers go crazy over pink walls, and who could blame them, they are very fun to shoot on. There’s that one famous pink wall at the Paul Smith store on Melrose Avenue in WeHo. But then there’s the other pink wall in the Arts District that isn’t as popular was the Paul Smith one. Which is precisely why I prefer to shoot here since I get to have the wall all to myself and my blogger! Here’s a look I shot with the lovely Sharon Wu of The Style Lullaby! Be sure to check out her blog post for more details (Click Here).

Tribal-Print-Crop-Top-Denim-Shorts-Sharon-Wu-Style-Lullaby-Fashion-Blogger-RyanbyRyanChua-2177 Tribal-Print-Crop-Top-Denim-Shorts-Sharon-Wu-Style-Lullaby-Fashion-Blogger-RyanbyRyanChua-2308 Tribal-Print-Crop-Top-Denim-Shorts-Sharon-Wu-Style-Lullaby-Fashion-Blogger-RyanbyRyanChua-2495 Tribal-Print-Crop-Top-Denim-Shorts-Sharon-Wu-Style-Lullaby-Fashion-Blogger-RyanbyRyanChua-2567 Tribal-Print-Crop-Top-Denim-Shorts-Sharon-Wu-Style-Lullaby-Fashion-Blogger-RyanbyRyanChua-2640

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  1. That day was so much fun despite how gloomy it was, Ryan! Thank you again for these awesome shots and for showing me around DTLA Arts District! This pink wall is way better than the one in Melrose 🙂 hehe

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