Last Friday, I attended the Lucky Rice San Francisco Feast held at the Bently Reserve in San Francisco’s Financial District. It was hosted by my dear friend Chef Kathy Fang of Fang Restaurant (you have to check out her restaurant someday). She invited me and a bunch of my friends to attend, so I rounded up my best friend Mike Chua, Christina Lee, Catherine Pham, and Heather Cheung, and of course, Ally (@fashionbyally) and her crew. I didn’t know what to expect, but everyone who entered was ready to eat. It was definitely a feast, we kept on sampling dishes after dishes from many of SF’s finest Asian restaurants like Fang, Hakkasan, Chaya, Anzu, Ramen Bar, just to name a few. A couple of us did go crazy over Boba Guys‘ drinks and was our ultimate favorite of the night. I’m pretty sure I had 6-7 boba drinks from there, and Catherine had 5 and was going to get more but they ran out by the time she tried to get more.


It was indeed a fun-filled memorable event! We had our share of drinks from Bombay Sapphire and kept going back round after round. We were glad we went early to avoid the lines that started to form everywhere for food later that night.
lucky rice san francisco feast 2016

And I’m pretty sure we did more than three trips to the American Express photobooth. Who doesn’t love photobooths?lucky rice san francisco feast 2016

Me and Christina enjoying our drinks.

Be sure to check out the next Lucky Rice event! There’s one in LA coming soon! Visit for more details.

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