I remember meeting Samantha de Galicia (@samanthamde) for the first time at the Love Culture party a few months back, and from that moment on, I knew I just had to do a photoshoot with her. She’s half Spanish, half Filipina and is super photogenic and fun to hang around. Just last week, Samantha and I attendĀ Social Media Week together in Santa Monica and decided to do a swimwear shoot at the beach since it was just a few blocks from the venue. It was towards the end of sunset and we rushed as fast as we could to get these shots in before the sun completely disappeared. I just love that last glow of sunlight, it is the perfect light you could possibly have for your photos. To see more of her, be sure to check out her blog: Sunkissed Dreamer. She’s one of my new favorites now, so expect to see more of her!

samantha-de-galicia-samanthamde-sunkissed-dreamer-blogger-model-bikini-photoshoot-ryanbyryanchua-8532 samantha-de-galicia-samanthamde-sunkissed-dreamer-blogger-model-bikini-photoshoot-ryanbyryanchua-8556 samantha-de-galicia-samanthamde-sunkissed-dreamer-blogger-model-bikini-photoshoot-ryanbyryanchua-8566 samantha-de-galicia-samanthamde-sunkissed-dreamer-blogger-model-bikini-photoshoot-ryanbyryanchua-8572 samantha-de-galicia-samanthamde-sunkissed-dreamer-blogger-model-bikini-photoshoot-ryanbyryanchua-8579 samantha-de-galicia-samanthamde-sunkissed-dreamer-blogger-model-bikini-photoshoot-ryanbyryanchua-8603

I snapped this photo of Samantha at Social Media Week in between the panels. The panels were very informative. I tried to absorb as much information as I could. There were also some things I already knew, which the speakers helped validated. I highly suggest checking them out if you’re into social media or are an influencer or brand. They are also running Social Media Week in other cities, so be sure to visit their website for more details!
Social Media Week Los AngelesSocial Media Week Los Angeles

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