Summer is finally here and I’m happy to be spending more time at the beach! This was a fun shoot I did with the cutie Lina Dinh (@lovebtntheracks) during her last visit in LA. We shot this in Manhattan Beach right before her flight, followed by a delicious dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant, Mama D’s. Her tops are from Arm the Animals (be sure to check them out – proceeds go to Animal Shelters!) and her swimwear is from Triangl.

Two Tips¬†you should know about shooting at the beach: 1. pick a non-touristy beach so you don’t get families and sunbathers in the shot (definitely NOT Santa Monica Beach). The more isolated the beach, the better. You also don’t want random dudes hollering at your blogger and asking if they could take a photo with them (happens all the time in Venice Beach). You don’t want creepers creepily taking videos of the bloggers either. (It’s so obvious, I see them doing it all the time). 2. Shoot either very early in the morning (6am-8am) or late afternoon (5pm – Sunset). You want to avoid harsh daylight, especially when you are out in the open with no shades. Some photographers do have assistants who can hold reflectors, and some have flash setups which allow them to shoot basically anytime of the day. But if you want that natural glow, shoot in those times I suggested.

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