Ever since Ally @fashionbyally went to Universal Studios in Orlando without me and I saw all her Harry Potter World photos and Fyuses, I decided I needed to go right away in my next LA trip. So I rounded up my friends Krys Khloe (@spotkryskhloe) and Cathy Kim (@cathythekimchi) for a Universal Studios trip in Hollywood! It was a blast!! I’ve never had so much fun in a theme park in a long time. I haven’t been to Universal Studios since I was probably 10 years old. I really love that the rides aren’t too scary for me (I’m scared of heights).

We spent 30% of our time at The Simpsons side of the park. You can see why.

And then it was 60% of our time spent at Harry Potter Wizard World. Cathy was so happy she cried (saw the tears!). The wands are kind of expensive (at least $50)! But the ButterBeer was totally worth trying! We won’t spoil how it tastes! You’ll just have to try it on your own. The Ride was pretty fun, although it did touch on some of Krys Khloe and Cathy’s phobias. LOL.

I was also super happy to finally spend time with the Minions!

The Minions Ride was pretty fun. Too bad Cathy didn’t meet the height requirement.

Universal Studios with Krys Khloe and Cathy Kim-16

This visit was definitely a memorable one. I highly recommend everyone to check out Universal Studios when they get the chance. I suggest going on a weekday (we went on a Friday and the lines for the major attractions were about 20-25 minutes, which is pretty good). Hope you enjoyed my post!
Universal Studios with Krys Khloe and Cathy Kim-18

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