I’ve never met and worked with someone so sweet and lovely as Sharon (aka @stylelullaby). I’ve been wanting to shoot with her for the longest time and we finally got around to it two weekends ago in LA. A few weeks before that, she told me about her dream that we shot together, and I thought that was really cute that anyone would have a dream shooting with me. I guess you could say I make dreams come true (LOL). She was a blast to hang out with, and we even did a short behind the scenes video of our shoot and our dinner at BCD Tofu House (Click Here). Also, don’t forget to check out her blog for more style inspiration: Style Lullaby.Floral-Top-Denim-Shorts-Sharon-Wu-StyleLullaby-RyanbyRyanChua-7345Floral-Top-Denim-Shorts-Sharon-Wu-StyleLullaby-RyanbyRyanChua-7357Floral-Top-Denim-Shorts-Sharon-Wu-StyleLullaby-RyanbyRyanChua-7368Floral-Top-Denim-Shorts-Sharon-Wu-StyleLullaby-RyanbyRyanChua-7372Floral-Top-Denim-Shorts-Sharon-Wu-StyleLullaby-RyanbyRyanChua-7418Floral-Top-Denim-Shorts-Sharon-Wu-StyleLullaby-RyanbyRyanChua-7433

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