Ariana Lauren and I stopped in the middle of the desert to bring you these obligatory “leaving Coachella” photos. Hope you enjoyed them! Note: We realized there were tons of trash around this spot off the I-10. I think people come here to dump their trash. So bad. I was also happy to get out of the desert… mainly because I was fed up with the poor internet reception. I really can’t live in areas with bad internet reception! Ariana-Lauren-FashionBorn-Style-Byron-White-Maxi-Dress-RyanbyRyanChua-3124Ariana-Lauren-FashionBorn-Style-Byron-White-Maxi-Dress-RyanbyRyanChua-3219Ariana-Lauren-FashionBorn-Style-Byron-White-Maxi-Dress-RyanbyRyanChua-3313Ariana-Lauren-FashionBorn-Style-Byron-White-Maxi-Dress-RyanbyRyanChua-3423Ariana-Lauren-FashionBorn-Style-Byron-White-Maxi-Dress-RyanbyRyanChua-3336

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