Where there is music, there are pool parties. Coachella is always filled with parties run by fashion brands and filled with stylish fashionistas and influencers. Yesterday, Ariana Lauren and I checked out POPSUGAR’s Cabana Club at the Avalon Hotel in Palm Springs. Here’s Ariana sipping on coconut juice to keep hydrated from the heat. Luckily it wasn’t as hot as last year!Ariana Lauren PopSugar Cabana Pool Coachella-0072Ariana Lauren PopSugar Cabana Pool Coachella-0126

We ran into Annabelle Fleur of VivaLuxury Blog. She’s stunning!PopSugar Cabana Pool Coachella-0159

It was nice seeing Sheryl of WalkinWonderland outside of New York Fashion Week!PopSugar Cabana Pool Coachella-0250

It’s #lolanlora!! Francis Lola + Ellen V Lora.PopSugar Cabana Pool Coachella-0414PopSugar Cabana Pool Coachella-0430

Jhene Aiko also performed. She’s so beautiful and talented. Jhene Aiko PopSugar Cabana Pool Coachella-0523Jhene Aiko PopSugar Cabana Pool Coachella-0507

I also got to meet Filipina blogger / TV host / actress Iza Calzado! (Click here for Fyuse)PopSugar Cabana Pool Coachella-0496

First time shooting with Brianna!PopSugar Cabana Pool Coachella-0377

Also met Model CJ FrancoCJ Franco PopSugar Cabana Pool Coachella-0480

Fiona Leahy and her squad! (Click here for Fyuse)PopSugar Cabana Pool Coachella-0464

Be sure to check out my recap of Coachella 2016 Day One if you haven’t seen it yet.

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