My partner-in-crime Ariana Lauren and I arrived at Coachella greeted by the longest line I’ve ever seen to get into VIP. A lot of people were complaining about how they spent almost $1,000 and only to find themselves waiting for 30 minutes just to get in. Anyhoo, after that fiasco, Ariana and I headed straight to the VIP to get food. We were starving. But ice cream caught Ariana’s eyes when she saw the AFTERS booth. Their ice cream is AMAZING. By that I mean MINDBLOWING. Best ice cream I’ve ever had!

She had the one with the mochi and I had the fruity pebbles. Definitely going back there again.Bloggers-Coachella-Fashion-Trends-RyanbyRyanChua-0665.jpg

Then we met up with my favorite New Jersey blogger Jess of NotJessFashion. It’s really hard trying to find people when the reception sucks at the festival fields. But we managed to be reunited and it felt good!Ariana-Lauren-NotJessFashion-Coachella-2016-Day-One-Fashion-Trends-Bloggers-RyanbyRyanChua-9716Jess-NotJessFashion-BlankItinerary-Coachella-2016-Day-One-Fashion-Trends-Bloggers-RyanbyRyanChua-9882

We then ran into Paola Alberdi of Blank Itinerary. Did I mention it was really windy that afternoon? Ariana-Lauren-NotJessFashion-BlankItinerary-Coachella-2016-Day-One-Fashion-Trends-Bloggers-RyanbyRyanChua-9748Ariana-Lauren-NotJessFashion-BlankItinerary-Coachella-2016-Day-One-Fashion-Trends-Bloggers-RyanbyRyanChua-9790

Everyone was trendy af and brought out their festival style game. Here’s Martha Graeff and her squad.MarthaGraeff-Coachella-Fashion-Trends-RyanbyRyanChua-9604

We then headed to the VIP Lounge and ran into several amazing bloggers. Like Rumi Neely (@rumineely), Adam Gallagher (@iamgalla), Nicole Cogan (@nobread), Lua (@luanna90), Eugenie (@feralcreature).


I finally got to meet my model crush, Cassandra Dawn! She’s so pretty!Cassandra-Dawn-Coachella-RyanbyRyanChua-9904

Also ran into the fabulous Louise Roe and her squad!

Then it was on to listening to Ellie Goulding at the Main Stage with Jess, Ariana, Lua, and Remi!

Jess has this really cool light-up flower crown. Totally caught me off guard!Bloggers-Coachella-Fashion-Trends-RyanbyRyanChua-54-2.jpg

Hope you enjoyed my shots!



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