Finally found a really nice pink wall that isn’t the Paul Smith wall on Melrose Place that is swarmed with instagrammers and fashion bloggers every minute. I decided to take Christine Hsu (@kkarmalove) to this spot I found on Andersen and Fourth in LA’s Art District. We loved the wall so much that we shot two other looks for the whole photo session. Be sure to check out her YouTube channel for our video together! Black-Dress-Denim-Jacket-Christine-Hsu-Kkarmalove-Fashion-Blogger-RyanbyRyanChua-3983Black-Dress-Denim-Jacket-Christine-Hsu-Kkarmalove-Fashion-Blogger-RyanbyRyanChua-3997Black-Dress-Denim-Jacket-Christine-Hsu-Kkarmalove-Fashion-Blogger-RyanbyRyanChua-4053Black-Dress-Denim-Jacket-Christine-Hsu-Kkarmalove-Fashion-Blogger-RyanbyRyanChua-4155Black-Dress-Denim-Jacket-Christine-Hsu-Kkarmalove-Fashion-Blogger-RyanbyRyanChua-4171Black-Dress-Denim-Jacket-Christine-Hsu-Kkarmalove-Fashion-Blogger-RyanbyRyanChua-4393

Here’s a Fyuse of her outfit: Click Here.

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