There were two memorable things that happened during this shoot with Ariana Lauren: 1. I finally got to work with Ariana after 3 months of not shooting with her. I can’t believe how much I miss shooting and spending time with her. I vowed to spend as much time with her now more than ever. 2. I worked with Linda and Chris of Amour Vert back in 2010, and 6 years later, I’m finally back working with them too! Be sure to check them out – Amour Vert is also one of Ariana Lauren’s favorite brands! We shot this around the Dolores Park area.Amour-Vert-Ariana-Lauren-FashionBorn-Spring-Look-RyanbyRyanChua-3481Amour-Vert-Ariana-Lauren-FashionBorn-Spring-Look-RyanbyRyanChua-3543Amour-Vert-Ariana-Lauren-FashionBorn-Spring-Look-RyanbyRyanChua-3605Amour-Vert-Ariana-Lauren-FashionBorn-Spring-Look-RyanbyRyanChua-3632Amour-Vert-Ariana-Lauren-FashionBorn-Spring-Look-RyanbyRyanChua-3789

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