I was super excited when Cynthia of Violet Fog asked me if I wanted to go to the first ever media-only TCHO Chocolate Factory Tour in Berkeley, California. There’s no way I would say no to such opportunity, especially since TCHO (pronounced as cho) is one of my favorite chocolate brands. Scratch that. The favorite chocolate brand. It was great to be back with the foodie squad Cynthia, Katey, Kelly, Ally, just to name a few. We were showered and spoiled with chocolate goodness, being able to try out all their different flavors. We even got a little Chocolate 101 with their Chief Chocolate Officer. The factory was also pretty cool, I’d never seen such chocolate-making devices, which made me really appreciate the craft. Everyone there had a serious chocolate overdose, but the good kind. I really hope you guys try out their chocolates at many grocery and retail stores! It’s TCHO delicious! We were also treated with pizza from A16, which was nothing short of amazing!


This is what it looks like when foodies all swarm for the kill: click here.

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Ryan C

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