One of the coolest (and most unreal) places I’ve ever been to is Kaneohe Bay Sandbar in Hawaii. It is a patch of sand in the middle of the Pacific Ocean! I’m still boggled at the idea of a sandy beach in the middle of an ocean, where you could actually feel the difference between the deep end and shallow end right away (I learned the hard way). Not many people have been there, mostly because you have to know someone who has a boat or can charter one. Ally Chen‘s sister just happened to have some really cool friends (aka Lee) that could charter a pontoon boat from the┬áMarines Base in Kaneohe Bay. We were blessed with beautiful weather that turned the sea into turquoise and sea foam colors. During the high tide, the water was right around our knees, but towards the end of the day, it was literally below our ankles. It’s such a beautiful place – I highly suggest that you make a trek there someday!

Ally’s excited! And no, she’s not allowed to drive! LOLAlly Showpo Blue Romper Sand Bar FashionByAlly-8697Ally Showpo Blue Romper Sand Bar FashionByAlly-8819

Where the deep end meets the shallow end.Tatiana Sandbar-8733

Ally riding a dolphin (or is that a whale?)Ally Chen Sand Bar Bikini-9330

Knee deep to ankle deepAlly Chen Sand Bar Bikini-9466Ally Chen Sand Bar Bikini-0025

And Coby didn’t want anything to do with being in the water, so he stayed inside the boat for the whole trip.Sand Bar and Sharks Cove Hawaii-9738

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