So right after New York Fashion Week, Lina Dinh and I decided to escape winter and headed west. Our first stop was San Francisco, which unfortunately I was too busy with work and couldn’t show Lina around. The next day, we trekked to Monterey Bay, where I showed her one of my favorite places in California. The weather was nothing short of amazing, and totally reminded me why I live and love California.

We walked along the historic Cannery Row and this wall totally complemented her outfit.Lina-Dinh-LoveBetweentheRacks-3062

Monterey Bay was just breathtaking that day. (Here’s a Fyuse of it: Click Here).Lina-Dinh-LoveBetweentheRacks-3015Lina-Dinh-LoveBetweentheRacks-3027

Here’s Lina waiting for our food. The view was so beautiful, just like her watch from Daniel Wellington that I gave her. (Click for FyuseLina-Dinh-LoveBetweentheRacks-3143

I had the fish and chips from the Fish Hopper Restaurant, which was surprisingly good!Lina-Dinh-LoveBetweentheRacks-34

We began heading south by going through the 17 Mile Drive, one of Lina’s bucket list. Lina-Dinh-LoveBetweentheRacks-3208.jpg

I had a great time with Lina in our mini road trip. Unfortunately she was washed away by the waves a couple of minutes after this photo was taken and her iPhone had water damaged. Other than that, we couldn’t stop talking about how we did not see the waves coming and realizing that the place was called “Restless Sea” for a reason. We’re just both happy she survived that day.Lina-Dinh-LoveBetweentheRacks-36

This is us after she dried up and was a trooper the rest of the way: Click Here. We headed down to Santa Barbara later on prior to heading to LA. Blog post coming soon!

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