I actually did not know Jill Wallace would be in NYC for NYFW until she texted me randomly. “Was that you shooting bloggers on Broome Street” was the text I got from her after I happened to shoot Lina Dinh and Van Le right outside Bloomingdale’s in SoHo. I immediately texted her, yes, and that we should snap some photographs. I met up with her at the restaurant that she was about to eat, and we stepped outside to take some photos. In the cold. But Jill dealt with the freezing cold very well, which is very impressive to see for someone from LA. I really love shooting around SoHo so finding spots to shoot wasn’t that difficult. Just keeping warm was the real challenge. Check out her blog for more details: Little Black Boots.Jill-Wallace-LittleBlackBoots-NYFW-Streetstyle-0793Jill-Wallace-LittleBlackBoots-NYFW-Streetstyle-0833Jill-Wallace-LittleBlackBoots-NYFW-Streetstyle-0934Jill-Wallace-LittleBlackBoots-NYFW-Streetstyle-1075Jill-Wallace-LittleBlackBoots-NYFW-Streetstyle-1121Jill-Wallace-LittleBlackBoots-NYFW-Streetstyle-1303Jill-Wallace-LittleBlackBoots-NYFW-Streetstyle-1321

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